Electrical Components

Series I & Series II – LHD

A. Ammeter (if fitted)
B. Tachometer
C. Oil Pressure Gauge
D. Speedometer
E. Vent Control Floor/Windscreen
F. Heater Temperature Control w/Switch (on/off)
G. Cigar Lighter
H. Map Light – (SII Only)
I. Ignition Switch
J. Fuel Gauge
K. Choke
L. Clock (if fitted)
M. Panel/Map Switch
N. Temperature Gauge
O. Lighting Switch
P. Turn Signal Switch
Q. Horn Switch
R. Overdrive Switch (if fitted)
S. Windscreen Wiper Switch
T. Windscreen Washer Pump
U. Fog Lamp Switch
Series I Wiring Schematic – DOWNLOAD
Series II Wiring Schematic – DOWNLOAD
Series 3 Wiring Schematic – DOWNLOAD
Series IV Wiring Schematic – DOWNLOAD
Series V Wiring Schematic – DOWNLOAD


12 volt Electrical Componets

  • SI, SII, S3, SIVa battery Lucas 38Ah (44Ah or 51Ah in certian export territories). Positive (+) terminal connected to earth on SI, SII, S3 and SIVa.
  • SIVb, SV battery Lucas BT 7A 43 amp/hr at 20 hr rate. Negative (-) terminal connected to earth on SIVb and SV.
  • Generator – Lucas C.40 (22 amp MAX output)
  • Alternator – Lucas 10 AC (35 amp nominal output, 12,500 max rotor speed)
  • Alternator Warning Lamp Control – Lucas 3AW
  • Field Isolating Relay – Lucas 6RW
  • Control Box – SI – S3 Lucas RB.106/2, SIV Lucas RB.340, SV Lucas 4TR
  • Starter – Lucas M.35G
  • Fuse Box – Lucas Two (2) 35 amp Lucas fuses.
  • Head lights – For export to the USA and Canada, Lucas seald beam units are fitted. Seald beams are designated by S.B. on the vehicles data tag.
  • Tail Lights SI, SII, S3 – Combined Lucas L.642 tail light units with amber (UK) or red (US) turn signal lense and red braking and parking lense.
  • Tail Lights SIV, SV – Combined Lucas L. tail light units with amber (UK) or red (US) turn signal lense and red braking and parking lense.
  • Rear number plate lamp.
  • Foot operated head lamp dipper switch.
  • Self-cancelling turn signal switch.
  • Horn ring on steering wheel.
  • Horns.
  • Self-parking windshield wipers.
  • Combined ignition and starter switch with key.
  • Warning lights for: Ignition, Main Beam and Direction Indicators.
  • SII, S3, SIV and SV are fitted with an interior map light.
  • S3, SIV and SV GT are fitted with an overhead door actuated interior light.