Sunbeam Alpine Owners Club of America
Articles of Association, National and Regional By-Laws

Articles of Association
The undersigned hereby associate to form a not-for-profit Unincorporated Association under the provisions of the Ohio Code and to that set forth the following:

Article I: Title
The name of this organization shall be The Sunbeam Alpine Owners Club of America, hereafter referred to as the SAOCA.

Article II. Purpose
Said organization is formed exclusively for social and educational purposes under 501 c7 of the Internal Revenue Code, or corresponding section of any future federal tax code.
The primary purpose is to promote interest, education, restoration, and preservation of all Rootes Group vehicles, with emphasis on the 1959-1968 “series” Alpines. Secondary purposes are: The education of members relative to their vehicle’s history and authenticity.
Historical research and documentation of surviving cars.
Reproduction of necessary parts not currently available.
Promote and encourage regular social events, motorsport events, and regional meetings.
To afford members such benefits and privileges, as it may be possible to arrange.

Article III. Membership
Ladies and Gentlemen of not less than 16 years of age shall be eligible for membership, provided they support the purpose of the organization and submit an application and membership dues. Upon acceptance by the Membership Director, he / she becomes a member. The membership shall consist of Honorary Members and Ordinary Members.
It is the duty of the Governing Board to decide upon expulsion of a member based upon a written petition from the Regional Chapter. The member in question will have the opportunity to explain his conduct either verbally or in writing. Two-thirds majority of the Governing Board will be required to cease membership.
Each individual’s Membership will run on a rolling 12 month basis, therefore membership fees are due annually, the first day in the month the individual joined. If dues are not received by the end of that month membership will expire and the individual will have to re-apply.

IV. Officers of Governing Board
These shall be the President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Membership Director. These offices shall be elected by a General Election for a period of two years. The election will be held so a transition from the old officers to the new takes place on January 1st of each evenly numbered year. This group will be known as the Governing Board. Overall authority and responsibility for the transaction of the business of the SAOCA and for its management shall be vested in the Governing Board, who, in addition to the powers and authorities expressly conferred on them by these rules, may exercise all powers and do all acts in furtherance of the objects for which the SAOCA is established.

Upon joining the SAOCA as a member or the online forum as a non member each individual agrees to release, hold harmless, and indemnify the SAOCA and its governing board officers plus, local chapter officers and Invasion organizers, from any and all liability or claim whatsoever for any damage or injury including death or any financial loss that may occur as a result of his/her association with the SAOCA.

Governing Board By-Laws

V. Duties of Officers of Governing Board
Duties of the President: The President will have overall responsibility for the clubs affairs. The President shall be present at all Governing Board meetings. The Vice-President will preside at meetings in the absence of the President. In the case of his/her death, resignation, or disqualification the Vice-President shall become President.
Duties of the Vice-President: The Vice-President shall assist the President in the affairs of the SAOCA and perform such duties as assigned by the President.
Duties of the Treasurer: The Treasurer shall receive all monies of the SAOCA including membership dues and deposit them in the organization’s bank account. The Treasurer will have direct control over all payments of debts and obligations. He/She shall give a quarterly report to the other club officers, as to the financial affairs of the SAOCA. The Treasurer will forward a list of new members to the Membership Director.

Duties of the Secretary: The Secretary shall be present at all Governing Board meetings and shall keep minutes of the proceedings. The Secretary shall have the responsibility of co-coordinating with the Invasion Chairman on organizing the annual Invasion plus accepting proposals for future Invasions. Also the secretary will be responsible for requests for regional events.
Duties of the Membership Director: The Membership Director shall maintain and update the membership database. He/She shall provide a list of members to Regional Chapter Presidents upon request. He/She shall provide quarterly reports, to the other officers, as to activity relative to his/her office. The membership director will also send a reminder to each member whose membership has expired.
It is the responsibility of each of the Governing Board Officers to notify the Governing Board President if he/she needs to vacate their position for any reason. If contact with an officer cannot be made within a reasonable time the officer will be considered to have stepped down and the position will be filled immediately by another.

VI. Banking
The Treasurer and President shall have access to the clubs bank accounts. The Treasurer shall be primarily responsible for banking all monies of the SAOCA. The Treasurer shall be primarily responsible for signing club checks. In the event the Treasurer cannot perform his duties the President will be responsible for banking monies and signing club checks until a new Treasurer is appointed. Donations to the SAOCA, whether in monies, part, or services, should be directed to the Treasurer. All checks must be made payable to the SAOCA.
At times an SAOCA member may have pre paid expenses for club related activities. These expenses can be reimbursed by the SAOCA on submitting a receipt and explanation to the treasurer. All pre paid expenses must be approved by an SAOCA Governing Board officer prior to purchase.

VII. Committee Meetings
The Chapter President (see Article XVII) or designated representative from each recognized regional chapter may attend and participate in Governing Board committee meetings. A special vote, when deemed necessary by the Governing Board, can remove a committee member when requested. Any elected committee member physically absent from more than two consecutive meetings without good reason may be deemed to have resigned. At least one national meeting will be held each year. Binding decisions can only be made at committee meetings. If absent, committee members can submit their reports via email, phone, or written report.

VIII. Voting at Committee Meetings
Voting at Committee Meetings is by the officers of the Governing Board only. An absent member may cast his vote after the meeting minutes are distributed by the secretary.

IX. Annual Committee Meeting
The annual committee meeting will be held one day prior to the Sunbeam Invasion. Written reports from officers will be submitted. Votes will be taken on any resolutions, proposed amendments, or any other matters arising. Any paid member in good standing has a right to be present at the meeting.

X. Use of SAOCA name, address, and property
Use of the club name, logo, and address is strictly prohibited without prior permission from the Governing Board. The SAOCA logo cannot be altered or modified. Club property must be returned to the Governing Board after a function or upon dissolution of a Regional Chapter.

XI. Amendments
Any amendments to these rules will be discussed at the annual committee meeting and will be voted on by Chapter Presidents and officers from the Governing Board. A two-thirds majority will be necessary to incorporate any amendments.

XII. Events
The Regional Chapter according to the guidelines set forth in the Events Packet will organize events sponsored by the SAOCA. The SAOCA shall not be liable for any loss or damage arising out of the use, by any person, of their vehicle or property on club business. Members are therefore reminded to make sure adequate arrangements exist.

XIII. Copies of By-Laws
Every member shall be furnished a copy of the SAOCA By-Laws upon joining.
Regional Chapter By-Laws

XIV. Chapters
A Regional Chapter shall consist of no less than five SAOCA members in good standing and can be defined by a geographical region, state, or city. To become an officially-recognized Regional Chapter a group must submit in writing to the Governing Board the proposed geographical region with a brief outline of goals, activities, and meeting place(s). The Governing Board will determine if the request is valid. A Regional Chapter must meet no less than quarterly to maintain its status.

XV. Purpose
It is the responsibility of each Regional Chapter to promote the marque and grow the membership through regular meetings, recruiting, and local support and encouragement of fellow members.

XVI. Organization
Officers of the Regional Chapter shall consist of a President and Secretary.

XVII. Duties of Regional Chapter Officers
President: The Chapter President shall be responsible for the coordination and growth of his/her Chapter, including planning of regular activities.
The Chapter President shall be present at all Regional Chapter meetings and will be allowed to vote on issues pertaining to his/her chapter. All Regional Chapter Presidents will report to the Governing Board President.
Secretary: The Chapter Secretary shall be responsible for the gathering of members’ votes in the Region during a regional election and reporting the results to the Chapter President. He/She shall be responsible for keeping minutes of meetings when warranted.

XVIII. Support of Regional Chapters
The Governing Board will provide one club banner to be displayed at car shows, club meetings, etc. If this banner is lost or destroyed a replacement banner will be provided at the cost of the Regional Chapter.
The Governing Board will facilitate and provide monies for promotional mailings for regional meets and recruiting initiatives.
The Governing Board will provide an Events Packet outlining details for hosting a regional event.
Following an event, the Governing Board will consider requests by the Regional Chapter for reimbursements. The request must be in writing and must be submitted no more than thirty days after the date of the event. The maximum reimbursement allowable is $300.
The SAOCA will provide insurance coverage for the event as outlined in the Events Packet.

XIX. Regional Events
The planning of regional events will be coordinated with the Governing Board’s Secretary. Requests must be submitted in writing at least ninety days prior to the date of the event. Timed racing / rally events are not covered by the club insurance and must be handled through sponsoring organizations such as the SCCA. Non-timed events such as road rallies are covered under certain conditions as outlined in the club insurance policy.

Forum Guidelines

The SAOCA Forum is here to provide a place for Sunbeam/Rootes owners and enthusiasts to meet and to discuss topics relating to Sunbeam/Rootes products. The forum is provided by the SAOCA administrators who freely give their time to maintain the forum. We ask in return that when posting on the forum to interact with others this is done respectfully. Please treat others as you would expect
to be treated yourself. The following will not be tolerated.

Profanity/swearing is not allowed, and under no circumstances will any profanity be allowed on the forum
Messages personally attacking, calling names, or otherwise harassing, being condescending or sarcastically responding to another forum member.
Sexually explicit messages or images.
Messages attacking another person’s religion and political views. All political posts should be in the relevant section.
Spam ie posting non Sunbeam/Rootes advertisements on the site

Penalties for Infraction
The following penalties will is they are felt appropriate by the SAOCA governing

First Offence, official warning from the SAOCA President
Second Offence, 1 Month ban
Third offence, lifetime ban.
The Governing Board will maintain the responsibility for ensuring the forum is maintained and used in a responsible manner. In the event of inappropriate posts the governing body will decide on the appropriate action to take in accordance with the policies above. A serious infraction ie Spam, porn will result in an immediate ban.

Annual Invasion

Each year the SAOCA hosts its Annual Sunbeam Invasion. To host an Invasion a committee must be formed consisting of the following organizers.
Invasion Chairman He/She will maintain overall responsibility for organizing the invasion and present to the Governing Board a plan for hosting the Invasion.
Invasion Co Chairman He/She shall assist the Chairman and perform such duties as assigned by the Chairman. In the event the Chairman cannot perform his duties the Co-Chairman will become the Chairman.
Invasion Secretary He/She shall assist the Chairman and perform such duties as assigned by the Chairman. The Invasion Secretary will send regular updates no less than quarterly to the Governing Board.
The Governing Board will accept proposals for the Annual Invasion two calendar years prior to the event. A request for proposals will be on the SAOCA forum. Proposals will be submitted to the SAOCA Governing Board to contain the following.
Names and contact information of the Invasion Chairman, Co-Chairman and secretary.

  1. Proposed location and date
  2. Proposed Hotel
  3. Proposed Rally Field location
  4. Preliminary Schedule of Events
  5. Proposed Costs

The Governing Board will evaluate all proposals and will accept the proposal which is deemed to be in the best interests of the club. At this point the Invasion Chairman will be informed of the decision.