The Smiths Electric Clock

By alpineian
Published: October 24, 2007

Electric Clock – Smiths

There may be up to six different models of Smiths electric clocks manufactured for the Sunbeam Alpine and Tiger. Normally, I don’t mention the Tiger when talking about Alpine stuff on this site, but in this case I feel it’s important because so many clocks have been removed from parts cars and installed other cars different than the one it originally came out of. This way, we can tell once and for all exactly what clock your car should have. Continue reading “The Smiths Electric Clock”

The Series VI Prototype

By Ian Spencer
Published: April 1, 2001

The Series VI Prototype

It has been rumored that Rootes was fighting to keep the Sunbeam Alpine and Tiger alive during the final days after the Chrysler take over. We all know the Tiger suffered it’s fate due to the use of a Ford power plant in a now Chrysler owned product. The Alpine, however, suffered a different fate. During the later part of the Series V run, Rootes began experimenting with it’s new ideas for the Alpine. In order to stay with the market and keep the Alpine competitive, Rootes decided to once again step up the Alpines performance. Continue reading “The Series VI Prototype”

The Alpine Shooting Brake Estate Wagon

By Ian Spencer

My quest to acquire…
The 1960 Sunbeam Alpine Shooting Brake Estate Wagon

Soon after the successful introduction of the Sunbeam Alpine, Rootes designers were faced with the task of creating a closed top version of their increasingly popular convertible. In an effort to shed the Alpine of its growing image as a ladies car, Rootes officials decided to target a different market by offering a Shooting Brake, or Estate Wagon version to the most proper of English gentlemen. Continue reading “The Alpine Shooting Brake Estate Wagon”