Quad Brake Light Conversion

By Kenyon Wills
Published: October 8, 2017

Quad Brake Light Conversion

Stock the car has turn signal in one lens and brake in the other (or is it just the upper for both? My car came disassembled).

I want brighter turns/brakes, so I installed 1157 dual filament bulbs top and bottom. The sockets were inexpensive and sold over the counter at the parts shop without a prescription. INSTALLING THESE REQUIRES AN ADAPTER MODULE that is commonly used to as “TRAILER WIRING CONVERTOR which will adapt single light trailer lights to cars that have separate turn and brake bulbs.

Note that the Module has 5 inputs from “car” and 4 outputs to “trailer”?

This unit combines brake and flasher functions into “turn/stop” and is crucial to this solution. It allows all four bulbs to work as both brake and turn signal lights. Otherwise you’d have one brake and one turn in each tail light housing – connecting both the brake AND turn will not work, since the brakes bridge the turns, negating them and vice-versa.